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    The Benefits of Attending a Montessori Elementary School

    Last updated 9 months ago

    The early years of life are a time of wonderful inquisitiveness and keen exploration of the surrounding world. A Montessori elementary school nurtures these traits in students and encourages them to become lifelong, hands-on learners. If you’re considering a Montessori education for your elementary school student, your child can look forward to the following key benefits.

    Love of Learning
    When many children say they enjoy school, they really mean they enjoy the time to talk with their friends. When a Montessori student says he or she loves school, that student really means he or she loves learning itself. A Montessori elementary school establishes a healthy foundation for lifelong success by guiding children to the realization that learning is its own reward.

    Intrinsic Motivation
    Children enrolled in non-Montessori schools often require external motivation to complete their homework and study for exams. For example, they may strive toward a higher grade on their report cards. Maria Montessori, who established the Montessori Method of education, realized through her observations that when an extrinsic reward is retracted, children no longer are motivated to learn. Montessori elementary schools help children develop intrinsic motivation; they eagerly work on their learning activities to reach their own personal goals and indulge in their own interests.

    Focus and Concentration
    Parents often note that their children seem to lack focus and that they display short attention spans. Children enrolled in a Montessori elementary school have the opportunity to follow their own curiosity and thoroughly explore the topic at hand, which lends itself to improved concentration. Maria Montessori called this the process of normalization, which does not refer to that which is average or typical. Rather, it means when an elementary school child is allowed freedom of choice in education, he or she willingly engages in a period of intense focus.

    Starwood Montessori is a private school located in Frisco that was designed specifically to provide young children with the optimum learning environment. We invite parents to tour our beautiful campus and learn more about our elementary school program. Contact us at (972) 712-8080 or visit us on the Web for more information about the Montessori Method and our private school.

    What I Love About Montessori - By: Ryan Hess, Starwood Montessori School Upper Elementary

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Have you ever wondered what the difference between a Montessori classroom and a traditional one is? I am the perfect person to ask since I have attended both kinds of schools! I have been attending two Montessori schools for about 4 years. Two of these years have been spent at Starwood Montessori School. I love Starwood because it’s filled with kind and wonderful people! Also, my Montessori school is at a completely different level than other schools, in that you have the freedom to choose the work you want to do. In a traditional school, however, I wouldn’t be able to do that. In my school I can be independent and learn things in a very different way than in traditional schools. Schools like mine encourage you to learn many things each and every day. Everything we learn in this school will help us in grad school, college or any career we would like to go into after we finish our education.

    Montessori allows you to learn things you would never learn in a traditional school. In Montessori, you can see the work happening.  We have materials to represent any and every type of work. There are fraction pieces, grammar symbols, geometric solids and much, much more! You can touch and feel the work! This makes it easier to remember difficult subjects. Also, using materials gives the students a full and thorough understanding of the concepts. I enjoy using materials such as the decimal board because there is so much you can do with it, and I understand the concept much better. I love Montessori for this reason. Instead of insisting that you aren’t ready for a particularly difficult subject, my teachers will show me the materials and how to do the work. I could learn certain things when I’m at a 5th grade level that children at other schools would learn at a much later level, or not at all. Montessori allows you to go at your own pace and learn about whatever you wish (from Fibonacci numbers to our Solar System). Montessori also lets the students be the teacher. Occasionally when a student has mastered a certain area of learning, they are given the opportunity to teach a younger student. We also have wonderful science, physics and cultural lessons. For instance, to teach us about physics, my teachers pulled up a website on which we could construct our own roller coaster. We had to make sure that the passengers on our roller coaster could make it safely to the end of the ride. To do this, we had to learn about potential energy and kinetic energy. In the end, we ensured that the passengers had a safe ride.

    As you can see, Montessori makes learning fun and this encourages students to learn more by exploring the Montessori materials. Montessori will always be unique, but Starwood is more unique than other schools!

    Snacks That Children Can Make and Eat

    Last updated 10 months ago

    You can help your preschooler develop practical life skills by encouraging self-sufficiency. Place a variety of snack ingredients within easy reach of your little one. Some good ideas include cut-up pieces of celery, carrots, broccoli, and fruits. Remember that your preschooler will also need to be able to reach plates and other simple kitchen tools. Then, demonstrate how your youngster can make “ants on a log.” Fill a pastry bag with peanut butter and show your child how to pipe the filling into a stick of celery. Your child can sprinkle a few raisins into the peanut butter.

    Your child can also enjoy healthy fruit and cheese kabobs. Provide a variety of cut-up fruits and cheese cubes. Avoid providing grapes for children under three, since they are a potential choking hazard. Your preschooler can assemble the kabobs in any order he or she prefers. As an added bonus, this activity promotes the development of fine motor skills.

    Children who attend Starwood Montessori of Frisco experience a nurturing environment that promotes practical life skills and academic enrichment. Prospective parents can contact our private school at (972) 712-8080 for information about enrollment.

    Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Children

    Last updated 10 months ago

    This February, eschew the boxes of premade Valentine’s Day cards at the supermarket and instead help your preschooler make his or her own homemade cards. Valentine’s Day crafts such as making cards are a fun way for children to share their artistic talents and decorate the home. Consider asking your child’s Montessori teacher for ideas for craft activities, or try the following ideas.

    Cupcake Cards
    To make cupcake cards, flatten some colorful cupcake liners. Using child-safe scissors, your preschooler can cut out heart shapes from red construction paper and glue the shapes on the flattened liners. One of the wonderful aspects of crafts activities is that your child can customize the project in any way he or she chooses. For example, your preschooler could use scalloping scissors to make a decorative edge for the liner. He or she could write a thoughtful message in the center of the heart and decorate it with bits of ribbon, beads, and similar materials. Or, your child could glue a small spray of dried or fabric flowers to the center of the heart.

    Hand-Shaped Cards
    Help your child trace the shape of his or her hand on several sheets of construction paper. After cutting out the shapes, your child can write Valentine’s Day messages on them. He or she can decorate the hand shapes with stamps or drawings, and glue lollipops on them.

    Lollipop Flowers
    Create heart-shaped petals out of construction paper to frame a lollipop for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. Each lollipop flower requires four heart shapes cut from construction paper. Fold each heart shape in half vertically to make a crease. Stack the heart shapes by lining up their bases and arrange them to form a “flower.” Use a hole punch to cut a hole through all four hearts and stick a lollipop through the hole. Apply glue around the hole to keep the petals in place.

    Starwood Montessori, a private school in Frisco, follows the teaching philosophy established by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our Montessori school provides children with a healthy, nurturing environment in which they can develop a lifelong love of learning. Prospective families are invited to tour our beautiful campus by calling (972) 712-8080.

    Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

    Last updated 10 months ago

    If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your preschooler busy this February, consider setting up a Valentine’s Day craft workshop on a table. Place a white heart doily on a washable tray and provide your preschooler with watercolor paints and brushes. Your little one can decorate the heart doily with any patterns and designs he or she chooses.

    To see a demonstration of this craft idea, watch this video. This early childhood educator also provides some tips on making the doily more durable and turning it into a decoration for your home. Or, you could help your preschooler inscribe a thoughtful message on the project and use it as a card for a family member or friend.

    Parents who are interested in viewing some of the learning projects at Starwood Montessori are invited to click through the photo gallery on our website. You could also call our private school in Frisco at (972) 712-8080 with your questions about the Montessori approach to education.

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