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    How Much Sleep do Children Need?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Getting adequate amounts of sleep allows children to function, grow, and develop properly. Children who are well-rested are better able to concentrate on their work and to interact well with others. The amount of sleep a child needs varies depending on his or her age and individual needs. In general, however, a newborn will need about 10.5 to 18 hours of sleep. In contrast, a toddler needs about 12 to 14 hours of sleep. These sleep times includes daytime napping.

    When a child is between three to five years of age, he or she is likely to sleep 11 to 13 hours each day. Most children ages five and up no longer require naps; however, each child is unique. Children who are between the ages of five and 12 need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep. During this age, disturbances in the normal sleep patterns are common because children are typically more socially active, with more demands on their time.

    Starwood Montessori welcomes children ages two through 12 at our private school. Our Montessori Method nurtures a child’s innate curiosity with an individualized and self-directed approach to learning. Parents in the Frisco area can call (972) 464-2597 for more information about the benefits of a Montessori education.

    Helping Your Children Get Ready to Go Back to School

    Last updated 9 months ago

    When children are enrolled in a private school that uses the Montessori Method, they develop a lifelong love of learning. Parents often find that their children can’t wait to get back to their Montessori schools after the winter break! However, going back to school after an extended holiday break may require a little adjustment. Consider using the following tips to help your child get ready to learn.

    Adjust to the School Schedule
    During the winter break, your child likely experienced irregularities in his or her typical schedule. He or she may have grown accustomed to going to bed and waking up later, for example. Help your child adjust to the changes in schedule by encouraging him or her to return to the normal bedtime and waking time. Your child may also benefit from eating meals at the times he or she normally would during a school day.

    Organize the Home for Optimum Learning
    The Montessori Method encourages parents to set up a learning space for children at home. If you haven’t done so already, consider working with your child to establish a learning space before the winter break is over. Your child’s learning space should be orderly and organized, with child-sized furniture.

    Review Your Child’s Portfolios
    Your child’s teacher will periodically meet with you and your child to review his or her portfolio of work. However, you may wish to revisit your child’s accomplishments before the return to school. Instill a positive attitude toward learning by praising your child’s progress and discussing what he or she will learn next.

    Go on a Shopping Trip
    Ask your child’s teacher if you need to purchase any new school supplies for the spring semester. You may also want to bring your child shopping for new clothes to prepare for the return to school.

    Parents in the Frisco area who are looking for a Montessori school for their children are invited to call Starwood Montessori at (972) 464-2597. Our Montessori school strives to help each child become a confident, self-reliant, lifelong learner. You can learn more about our curriculum and the Montessori Method on our website.

    Two-Year-Old Developmental Milestones

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Watching your child grow into an increasingly independent toddler is exciting. Your two-year-old will begin to learn how to do more for him- or herself, such as turning the pages in a picture book as you read. Your child will also acquire exciting new language skills, with a vocabulary of at least 60 words by the age of two. Gradually, he or she will learn to form two-word sentences.

    Watch this video for more information about some important developmental milestones for your two-year-old. You’ll learn about the typical course of physical development in toddlers and you’ll learn what you can do to nurture a child’s language development.

    The Toddler Program at Starwood Montessori guides children ages two through three in developing a connection with the Montessori learning environment. Our Montessori school is conveniently located in Frisco and may be reached at (972) 464-2597.

    The Average Toddler's Developmental Milestones

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Toddlers are inquisitive young learners who soak up information from their surroundings. During this dynamic period in your child’s life, you can watch for the typical milestones that encompass physical, emotional, and cognitive development. However, remember that each child develops and learns at his or her own pace. To promote healthy development in your child, look for a high-quality private preschool or toddler program such as one that uses the Montessori Method.

    Physical Milestones
    Montessori toddler programs incorporate daily movement to facilitate healthy development. When your child is about one year old, he or she is likely to learn how to throw a ball, and when your child reaches the second birthday, he or she can learn how to kick a ball. You may have noticed that your child previously bent over to examine objects on the ground. Between 12 to 18 months of age, children start learning how to squat. Most children start running by about 18 to 24 months of age and jumping by 24 to 36 months of age.

    Emotional Milestones
    As your child grows, nurture his or her sense of independence by encouraging simple self-care tasks. Between 18 and 36 months of age, youngsters begin to develop a sense of self that is separate from their parents. Your toddler may begin to get dressed by him-or herself, so consider placing clothes in an area where your youngster can easily access them. Another emotional milestone is learning empathy, which generally occurs around two years of age.

    Cognitive Milestones
    By the time your toddler is about two years old, he or she begins to recognize familiar names and other words. He or she may begin to follow simple instructions, use simple two-word sentences, and add many words to his or her vocabulary. Toddlers also begin to learn their colors and shapes, and begin to enjoy make-believe play.

    Starwood Montessori provides toddlers with a loving, nurturing environment to foster healthy development. Our Toddler Program uses Sensorial and Practical Life materials. These Montessori materials help little ones develop independence, concentration, and more. Contact our Montessori school in Frisco at (972) 464-2597 or visit us on the web to read more about the Montessori approach.

    Spotlight on Starwood Montessori's Nature Study

    Last updated 10 months ago

    The Montessori approach to education encourages children to explore nature and embrace its beauty. At Starwood Montessori, all of our students engage in the study of nature, including the observation and care of both plants and animals. When our students take care of our gardens, they develop a strong sense of pride in watching a plant grow. They also develop a greater sense of responsibility and they learn about the value of caring for our environment.

    At Starwood Montessori, your child can tend to the garden boxes in our playground. To benefit children who may not live in a rural environment, our private school also features its own greenhouse for children to explore. While children engage in a hands-on approach to nature study, they also benefit from our lessons, which build a foundation of caring for plants and animals.

    For more information about nature study and our other enrichment programs, call Starwood Montessori at (972) 464-2597. We invite parents in the Frisco area to ask any questions they might have about the Montessori approach to education.

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