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    Spotlight on Our Creative Music Program

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Starwood Montessori offers an array of enrichment activities for our Montessori students, including music. Our music program teaches children to feel confidence in their own abilities and joy in the creative process. Our Montessori teachers have found that music instruction facilitates socio-emotional wellness for children. As children develop a love of music, they also experience growth in other areas of development. They refine their fine motor skills and develop pre-literacy skills such as pattern and rhythm recognition.

    Our private school encourages children to become introduced to a variety of musical mediums. Students participate in weekly music classes and some may choose to enroll in private lessons. Students have the opportunity to sing, including their own improvised songs. They may also learn to play various instruments such as the drums, tambourines, and bells.

    If you have any questions about the enrichment curriculum available at Starwood Montessori, you may reach a friendly representative by calling (972) 464-2597. Parents throughout the Frisco area can also visit our website to explore the benefits of a Montessori education.

    What Really Happens in a Montessori Classroom?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    The Montessori classroom is unlike classrooms found anywhere else. Montessori classrooms are orderly and inviting, with multiple learning stations that encourage freedom of movement and intrinsic motivation to learn. Parents who are new to the Montessori Method are often encouraged to visit the school and observe a classroom. When they do so, they are typically pleasantly surprised at how children work quietly at their tasks, requiring very little prompting from the teacher.

    Children Explore Sensorial Activities
    Children in a Montessori school do not sit in rows of desks and listen to the teacher lecture. Rather, the Montessori Method recognizes that children learn by becoming active participants in their own education. In a Montessori classroom, each child has freedom of movement and can visit various activity centers to work on sensorial learning projects. Each learning activity is designed to build on the skills of the previous one. No child is rushed through to the next learning activity before he or she is ready for it.

    Children Develop Practical Life Skills
    Montessori classrooms teach so much more than academic skills, although those are indeed held in high regard. Montessori students learn to become self-reliant, independent, productive members of a community. For example, Montessori educators help children learn practical life skills. Preschoolers might practice learning how to use eating utensils properly. Children work on their gross and fine motor skills while contributing to the classroom by arranging flowers or washing the lunch table.

    Teachers Guide Students with Gentle Enthusiasm
    The role of the teacher within the Montessori classroom is that of a guide. The teacher demonstrates the learning activities for children and closely observes as they go about their work. The teacher guides children in setting learning goals and establishing work plans.

    The parents, teachers, and administrators of Starwood Montessori all work together to guide children along their paths toward personal and academic success. If you are interested in joining our Montessori community, we invite you to come visit our private school in Frisco. You can reach our Montessori school by calling (972) 464-2597 or clicking through to our website. 

    What Are the Benefits of Reading to Your Kids?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    The Montessori Method teaches parents and educators that reading isn’t just another part of the curriculum; it’s a tool of discovery. Montessori educators encourage parents to begin reading to their children in infancy. When parents and kids read together, they strengthen their special bond and build a collection of happy memories. Reading regularly with your kids also gives them a solid academic foundation. They’ll develop listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and an expansive vocabulary.

    You can hear more about the benefits of reading with your kids every day by watching this video. This education expert explains the academic, social, and motivational benefits of regular reading time.

    Starwood Montessori of Frisco is a private school that features peaceful and inviting reading areas for children to nurture their love of reading. Parents are invited to schedule a visit to our private school by calling (972) 464-2597.

    Tips for Getting Your Child Back on a School-Friendly Sleep Schedule

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Back-to-school clothes and improved study habits aren’t the only essentials for success this school year. Your child also needs plenty of sleep every night when he or she heads back to the Montessori school. When children suffer from sleep deprivation, they tend to be less able to focus on their work in the classroom. If your child’s Montessori teacher has noted that he or she could benefit from improved concentration, the solution may be to get your child back on a school-friendly sleep schedule.

    Get a Head Start
    Although it’s never too late to improve your child’s sleeping habits, it’s best to start before he or she heads back to private school. Summer vacation often involves a disruption in your child’s sleeping patterns. He or she may stay up later than usual and sleep later in the morning. Gradually adjust your child to getting to bed at the time he or she normally would for school. Likewise, encourage your young learner to wake up in time to get ready for school. Experts advise adjusting your child’s sleep schedule about three weeks before the start of the school year.

    Develop an Evening Routine
    People of all ages can benefit from an evening routine that allows them to wind down and relax at the end of the day. It’s best to turn off the TV, computer, and all other electronics at least an hour before bedtime. Your child may choose a relaxing activity to enjoy before bedtime, such as reading quietly or taking a bath.

    Practice Good Sleep Hygiene
    Good sleep hygiene involves improving the sleeping environment. Make sure your child’s bedroom is at a comfortable temperature. Your child may use a nightlight if he or she wishes; however, the room should otherwise be dark. If your child is a light sleeper and has trouble with noises from outside the bedroom, consider placing a white noise machine in the bedroom.

    At Starwood Montessori of Frisco, our Montessori educators are excited to welcome back students and meet new faces this school year. We encourage parents to become closely involved in our Montessori community and to practice the principles of Montessori at home. To get in touch with our private school, call (972) 464-2597 or fill out the simple contact form on our website.

    The Early History of Montessori Education

    Last updated 3 months ago

    The Montessori Method is often misinterpreted as being a recent educational trend because of its increasing popularity across the U.S. In fact, the movement was officially initiated in 1907 when Dr. Maria Montessori opened her first school in Rome, known as the Casa dei Bambini. Maria Montessori was ahead of her time and made great strides toward breaking the glass ceiling and working tirelessly on behalf of all children, regardless of their background. She developed the Montessori Method after carefully observing the way in which children learn, which is through natural explorations of their surrounding environment.

    Thanks to the tremendous success of her first school, additional Montessori schools were opened in Milan and Rome. Just a few short years after the first Montessori school was founded, educators throughout Europe and beyond were seeking out Dr. Montessori to learn about her approach. In the U.S., the first Montessori school was opened in 1911 in Scarborough, New York. Just five years later, the U.S. boasted more than 100 Montessori schools, thanks in part to support from such luminaries as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.

    Parents throughout Frisco are invited to learn more about the Montessori approach to education by contacting Starwood Montessori at (972) 464-2597 or by visiting our website. Our private school offers toddler, primary, and elementary programs.

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