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    Why Parents Should Carve Out Time to Read with Their Kids

    Last updated 2 months ago

    The love of reading is an invaluable gift to give your children. Even before children are old enough to enter a private preschool, parents should set aside time to read with them every day. Regular reading time prepares children to become inquisitive learners and academic achievers. When you read with your kids, they’ll develop more effective communication skills and an improved ability to concentrate on work.

    You can learn more about reading with your kids by watching this video. The early childhood development experts in this video recommend reading as a family bonding activity and advise parents to let kids pick out the books they prefer to read. These experts also offer tips for making reading an interactive, hands-on experience.

    The Montessori educations at Starwood Montessori guide children in developing an abiding passion for reading and learning. Parents in the Frisco area can learn more about the unique benefits of a Montessori education by calling us at (972) 464-2597.

    From Starwood Montessori to MIT

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Late on the afternoon of March 14, 18,357 applicant's to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's class of 2018 logged on the Internet to receive their admission decision. In addition to decision day at MIT, March 14 is also Pi Day (3.14) and Albert Einstein's birthday. Starwood resident Logan Ford was at White Rock Lake rowing with his crew team when he found out he was one of 1,419 (7.7%) students offered admission. Logan was so excited, he barely remembers the drive home to tell his mom. Anne Ford grew up near Boston and often drove by MIT’s beautiful campus on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her dream was that someday she would have a child attend this world renowned university.


    When Anne and Michael Ford moved to Starwood in 1997, there were only 10 families living here. The Ford’s were attracted by the plan to build a Montessori School within the subdivision and Anne believed the hilly landscape and large trees were destined to become the centerpiece of a thriving community. Their son Logan would be one of the first students to attend Starwood Montessori which he attended through the fourth grade.  

    Prior to Logan’s enrollment, Anne met with Starwood Montessori’s Director Anita Hanks.  Anita explained that children thrive in an environment of individualized learning which caters to the specific capabilities of each child. While using the Montessori method, Logan mastered time management skills that aided him greatly in his academic success.  As he entered public school in 5th grade it was clear that he far surpassed his counterparts and it was evident that Starwood Montessori had given him the foundation that he would later build upon.

    Logan has been interested in science his entire life. While other kids were playing games on their phones, Logan was doing medical research, intrigued by the latest cutting edge discoveries. His inventive mind was always at work devising new approaches to recent medical advances. Logan, who is a senior at Frisco High School will matriculate to the MIT campus this August where he intends to major in Physics or Neuroscience and will compete for the Varsity crew team. Logan was a member of the Frisco Varsity Hockey team which won the Texas State Championship last year in Houston and spent 10 years studying piano and guitar at the Frisco School of Music.

    Understanding Your Child's Social and Emotional Development

    Last updated 2 months ago

    The social and emotional development of your child is a gradual process, supported by a loving environment, gentle guidance, and increasing independence. The curriculum you’ll find at a Montessori preschool is uniquely designed for a holistic approach to child development. Montessori schools build key academic skills in children while fostering their emotional health, self-perceptions, and social skills.

    Cooperative Work

    One of the cornerstones of a Montessori education is that it is child-centric. Children choose their own learning activities, which they work on at their own pace. While they do spend a great deal of time in independent work, they also learn to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other students. Students learn to share the various learning stations and to respect each other. They also develop a strong sense of the importance of community and their own place within the greater world.

    Nurturing Environment

    For healthy social and emotional development, children need to grow within a nurturing, loving environment. When they know they are loved, children feel safe to express themselves in a healthy manner. Montessori schools facilitate a safe, nurturing environment for children in part by treating each child and adult with equal respect. This enables each child to blossom into an emotionally healthy, well-adjusted individual.

    Independent Exploration

    Children who engage in their own self-directed learning activities at Montessori schools naturally develop an innate sense of self-discipline. During their learning journey, they realize that they are indeed capable of working toward solutions and mastering new skills. This realization promotes inner resiliency and self-confidence in children.

    Orderly Setting

    Children naturally crave established routines and orderly environments. In a Montessori classroom, they can enjoy both. The orderliness of the Montessori classroom facilitates a sense of security and safety for children, which in turn contributes to their overall social-emotional wellness.

    Starwood Montessori offers a toddler, primary, and elementary program for children in the Frisco area. Our Montessori teachers firmly believe in Dr. Maria Montessori’s Method of guiding children to reach their full potential with gentle enthusiasm within an orderly, positive environment. You can reach our private school at (972) 464-2597 if you have any questions about the benefits of a Montessori education for your child’s social and emotional development

    Tips for Building Your Child's Computer Skills

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Technology is an integral component of everyday life. These days, young children are expected to possess a basic understanding of software programs, Internet navigation, and e-mail usage. To help children learn how to navigate today’s digital world, parents can consider enrolling them in a private school that includes regular computer instruction as part of an overall Montessori curriculum. In addition to learning basic computing tasks in private school, children can hone their skills by exploring technology at home.

    Facilitate Independent Learning

    Make it easy for your child to access the home computer by placing it on a child-sized desk in an area with plenty of lighting. Install child-friendly software on the computer, such as educational games and other learning activities, and set the parental controls on Internet browsers. Then, demonstrate the basic skills for your child, such as how to wrap the hand around the mouse and click the buttons.

    Incorporate Meaningful Projects

    Encourage your child to devise and work on independent learning projects at home using the computer. For example, your child might create an art project by using a digital camera to take pictures of various flora and fauna. Then, he or she can learn how to upload the images into the computer, print them out, and create a collage with them. Your child can also learn how to stay in touch with relatives who live out of the area using e-mail, which will help develop your child’s vocabulary, grammar, and other language skills.

    Teach Internet Safety

    Discuss Internet safety with your child early in life. Your child should learn why it’s important not to click on unusual e-mails, download programs without permission, and give out personal information online.

    At Starwood Montessori, students have access to a fully equipped technology lab that supports Montessori learning activities. Children in our Montessori school learn the fundamentals of computing tasks, including e-mail use and Internet navigation. Future Montessori families can contact our private school in Frisco at (972) 464-2597 or click through to our blog to read more about the Montessori Method.

    Are All Montessori Schools the Same?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    A Montessori school is a private school that adheres to the educational philosophy and approach of Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori observed that when young children are allowed to nurture their own independence within a controlled environment, they excel in personal growth, academic exploration, and developmental milestones. Unfortunately, because the Montessori name is not copyrighted, there are no regulations regarding the extent to which a school must conform to the principles of the Montessori Method.

    This means that many schools claim they follow the Montessori approach, without actually doing so. In some cases, these schools may even hire educators that have not earned college degrees, much less teaching credentials. This is why it’s important to look for a Montessori school that not only follows the Montessori Method closely, but also hires highly qualified educators who have been trained in these teaching strategies.

    At Starwood Montessori, our private school in Frisco strictly adheres to the Montessori Method and only employs highly trained educators to guide each child along the path to self-discovery. Call (972) 464-2597 or explore our website for more information.

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