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    Creating an Art Project from Dr. Seuss Books

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Your child can build upon his or her language skills by doing fun art projects that complement the themes of favorite books. An example is a project based on Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” picture book. Your child can practice fine motor skills by tracing and cutting out hand shapes from red, blue, green, and white construction paper. The hand shapes, which serve as “fish” can be glued onto a background piece of paper and given funny fish faces.

    You can see a demonstration of this clever art project by watching this video. This art expert recommends having your child practice writing by printing the appropriate words (i.e. “red fish”) next to the corresponding “fish.”

    At Starwood Montessori, your little one will be introduced to a broad spectrum of mediums to encourage creativity. Parents in the greater Frisco area can call (972) 464-2597 for information about enrollment in our private preschool or to inquire about the Montessori Method.

    Computer-Based Learning at Starwood Montessori

    Last updated 2 months ago

    It’s never too early to teach your child computer literacy. The computer has become fundamental to both professional and personal life, and children who understand how to use it will be better prepared for their educational careers. Starwood Montessori provides computer literacy services for our Frisco private preschool students. We introduce our students to computers and help them explore their benefits so that they can quickly and easily become proficient with basic computer skills. Computers can also prove effective at helping children learn beyond traditional book, blackboard, and lecture methods. By providing our students with diverse learning means, we help them become eager for greater academic success.

    Would you like to learn more about the private preschool options that our Frisco location provides? Then call Starwood Montessori today at (972) 464-2597. Our representatives would be happy to address your questions and provide additional information about the comprehensive academic resources that we offer Plano, McKinney, and Carrollton families. 

    Summer Activities for Montessori Students

    Last updated 2 months ago

    As children grow within the Montessori tradition, they develop a keen enjoyment of learning for its own sake. For Montessori students, summer presents an excellent opportunity to further their exploration of the world around them. Parents can encourage summer learning by suggesting the following activities to their youngsters.

    Start a Compost Pile

    Gardening is an oft-utilized activity for Montessori students, both at home and at school. Your child can support his or her gardening efforts by starting a compost pile. Start with a child-sized container and poke holes through the sides and the bottom for proper aeration. Add a layer of soil to the bottom. Your child can collect “brown waste” from the yard, such as small sticks, leaves, and dried grass. Then, add “green waste” from the kitchen, such as carrot peelings. Avoid adding dairy-based or meat-based waste. Your child can add a little water to the mixture to encourage decomposition. He or she can also take on the responsibility of mixing the compost each week and adding new waste to it.

    Create Recycled Bird Feeders

    Talk about the importance of reducing waste, reusing materials whenever possible, and recycling. The two of you can create recycled bird feeders out of toilet paper tubes. Have your child apply peanut butter to the tube and then roll it in birdseed. Then, insert a string through the tube, tie it to create a loop, and hang it from a branch.

    Make Summer Treats

    Visit a strawberry farm with your child and pick some fresh fruit. Then, make a delicious summer treat with your child by mashing a couple of cups of berries with plain yogurt and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Add enough yogurt to achieve a thick, smooth consistency. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze.

    The educators of Starwood Montessori gently guide children toward becoming confident, self-reliant young learners. Our private Montessori school in Frisco is pleased to offer an array of enrichment opportunities to stimulate creativity and build self-esteem. Parents in the Frisco area can call (972) 464-2597 to request information about enrolling their children in our Montessori school.

    The Life and Teachings of Maria Montessori

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Starwood Montessori bears the name of the person who pioneered a new way for children to learn. Maria Montessori introduced the Montessori teaching philosophy in Italy little more than 100 years ago, but her impact on education has been felt around the globe. The personal life of this important educational figure underscore why she felt compelled to improve the academic landscape for children.


    Maria Montessori was born before the turn of the 20th century, a time when women normally weren’t encouraged to cultivate their academic aptitude. Montessori’s family was different. Her parents supported her passion for knowledge. Not only did they allow her to enroll into an all boys’ school, but they also backed her decision to pursue medicine. Becoming a physician was an undertaking that very few women followed at that time in history. Montessori eventually completed her studies, which paved the way for her interest in psychiatry.


    Montessori’s career put her in a position to forever change the way in which children learn and experience the world around them. Her focus on special education brought to her attention deficiencies regarding how children are given instruction and information. Montessori soon realized that children can become avid learners when given the chance to engage in a variety of subjects according to their own interests. Hands-on experiences also increased their learning capabilities. These findings prompted Montessori to open her first school in 1907.


    Montessori’s school produced impressive results; its teaching methods helped children of all aptitudes become better learners. Her success encouraged the spreading of her teaching philosophy and the openings of other Montessori schools. More than 60 years after her passing, Maria Montessori has left an indelible mark on the landscape of modern education. More than 20,000 Montessori schools across the world are helping the youngest generations to become successful students and adults.

    See for yourself how Starwood Montessori can encourage your child’s academic passion. To schedule a visit to our Frisco private school, call (972) 464-2597. You can also go to our website to find out more about our programs and supplemental curriculum for our Frisco, Carrollton, and Plano students. 

    Sensory Art Projects for Young Children

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Summer is a wonderful time to incorporate nature into your child’s art projects. This video presents an easy yet creative way to tie in touch and sight when making art.

    First, have your child select a large fresh leaf from a backyard or neighborhood tree. Next, place the leaf under a piece of white paper. Then let your child choose a colored crayon and rub the crayon over the paper, which will eventually show the outline of the leaf beneath it. Finally, provide your child with watercolor paints. These paints can add to the vibrancy of the art piece without diluting the wax rubbing, as wax and water do not mix.

    Starwood Montessori offers private school services for families in the greater Frisco area. For more information, call us today at (972) 464-2597.

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