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    Keeping Your Kids Interested In Learning Over the Summer

    Last updated 2 months ago

    When your youngsters are home from Montessori school for the summer, keep them engaged in learning by suggesting daily activities. Mondays, for example, could be a day to explore the library and check out new books. On Tuesdays, your children might enjoy arts and crafts activities. Other themed days could include community service activities, outdoor play, culinary adventures, and nature explorations.

    You can learn more about the importance of encouraging kids to learn over the summer by watching this video. This educator also suggests some fun pool games for kids and offers some healthy snack ideas.

    Students enrolled in Starwood Montessori of Frisco learn to develop a love of lifelong learning. Families are invited to call our private Montessori school at (972) 464-2597 or view our curriculum on our website.

    Getting Involved In Your Child's Education

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Numerous studies have demonstrated the critical importance of parental involvement in a child’s education, and this is certainly no different for children enrolled in Montessori schools. In fact, Maria Montessori herself discussed the importance of a harmonious consistency across the home and school environments, recommending that similarities be established in both places. Parents of Montessori students are strongly encouraged to learn more about this approach to education and to talk to the teacher about implementing Montessori principles at home.

    Get to Know the Teacher

    Parents can take advantage of school events designed to bring families and educators together. Discuss your child’s education with the teacher, tour the classroom, and meet other Montessori families. The Montessori Method involves several conferences throughout the year, during which parents and teachers meet, and children present their work.

    Encourage Your Child to Discuss Projects

    Each day when your child returns home from his or her Montessori school, ask questions about what he or she did that day. Children are often eager to discuss what they’ve discovered and to explain their progress on their current projects. Parents who display interest in their children’s activities nurture their self-esteem and encourage a love of learning.

    Use Montessori Principles at Home

    Your child’s teacher can recommend resources for learning more about the Montessori Method and how to implement its principles at home. Setting up an environment that is consistent across home and school can greatly lend itself to your child’s development. For example, encourage your child’s independence by placing items within his or her reach. Placing a pitcher of juice on the bottom shelf in the fridge, along with containers of healthy snack items encourages children to make their own after-school snack. Another important Montessori principle is the use of encouragement for children to complete tasks, rather than a reward system, since true motivation is intrinsic.

    At Starwood Montessori, your child will enjoy a close-knit classroom community, which nurtures and supports youngsters during the learning process. Parents who are curious about becoming more involved in their child’s education are encouraged to call our campus in Frisco at (972) 464-2597. You can also learn more about Montessori principles and curriculum on our website.

    How Arts Education Helps Your Child's Development

    Last updated 2 months ago

    In a Montessori school, educators believe that the development of the whole child is just as important as academic achievements. Montessori schools emphasize the value of arts education and other creative initiatives because it allows children to develop their own unique sense of self. Research has shown that arts education also has other advantages for young learners; it enables the development of motor skills and language abilities.

    Supports Motor Skills

    The motor skills that adults often take for granted—such as typing on a computer or measuring a recipe’s ingredients—are slowly developed in young children as they explore the world around them. Arts education programs in Montessori schools nurture a child’s healthy development by giving them access to a variety of media to explore. They strengthen their little muscles while learning to draw with a crayon or gripping a pair of child-safe scissors. These important motor skills set the stage for the later development of writing skills.

    Encourages Language Development

    Arts education provides an avenue for language development in children. As they work on their projects, children learn the words for colors and shapes. They begin to add more descriptive words to their vocabularies while they discuss their projects with classmates and the teacher.

    Facilitates Sense of Self

    As preschoolers grow, they begin to develop an idea of their self-identities and how they fit into the greater community. Arts education facilitates this process. Children are able to make their own decisions regarding their art projects, such as what to paint, which instrument to play, or how to perform a dance. In making these decisions, children grow ever more self-assured and confident in their own abilities.

    The students at Starwood Montessori, a private school in Frisco, enjoy numerous opportunities for creative expression with our weekly music classes, private lessons, and other fine arts initiatives. Our Montessori educators encourage children to learn by exploring and to take joy in the creative process, regardless of the result of that process. Parents who are interested in learning more about enrollment in our Montessori school can call (972) 464-2597.

    What Your Toddler Will Learn at Starwood Montessori

    Last updated 3 months ago

    The toddler program at Starwood Montessori accepts children from two to three years of age. This program introduces children to the Montessori school environment and helps them adjust to being away from their family for a time. Our Montessori educators will support your toddler within our nurturing environment as he or she explores our Sensorial and Practical Life materials. These materials help children along their quest for independence.

    Our Montessori school recognizes that the toddler years are a crucial time for language development and healthy growth. Your toddler will enjoy social interaction, songs, rhymes, and other learning activities to support his or her language skills. Although your toddler will always have free access to the classroom library, he or she will also enjoy weekly trips to the school library, where your little one can participate in fun, interactive activities.

    If you have any questions about the toddler program at our Montessori school, please contact Starwood Montessori of Frisco at (972) 464-2597. The mission of our school is to support children as they strive to fulfill their vast personal and academic potential.

    Examining the Nature Program at Starwood Montessori

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Many children today spend more time with electronic gadgets than they do playing outdoors and interacting with nature. At Starwood Montessori, our educators set the stage for a lifelong love of the outdoors with our nature program. In our Montessori school, children absorb knowledge from the world around them and by engaging in hands-on learning activities. The nature program at our Montessori school helps young students blossom into resilient, self-confident, and spirited individuals.

    Opportunities for Nature Interaction

    In our Montessori school, nature study is an essential component of the curriculum. Students learn the fundamentals of caring for plants and animals, and the importance of environmental stewardship. Our nature program enables children to interact directly with the environment in a hands-on manner, which facilitates a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Our students maintain the garden boxes in our playground, nurturing young sprouts into strong, healthy plants. They also participate in plant care opportunities in our on-campus greenhouse, which is particularly beneficial for students who live in an urban setting.

    Benefits for Healthy Development

    Nature interaction provides a slew of invaluable benefits for young learners. Tending to a garden facilitates the development of motor skills. They’ll learn how to properly hold a watering can so as to avoid spills and they’ll discover how to gently weed the soil without disrupting the plants. The nature program at our Montessori school provides the opportunity for sensory stimulation as well. Children will enjoy tactile experiences such as touching the soil and plucking ripe vegetables. They learn of the importance of healthy nutrition for their bodies and minds. Additionally, our young learners develop a strong sense of responsibility as they care for the plants in our greenhouse and garden boxes.

    In addition to the nature program at Starwood Montessori, our private school offers enrichment opportunities in computer instruction, fine arts, movement programming, and Spanish. You can read more about our Montessori curriculum on our website or give us a call at (972) 464-2597. Our private school is conveniently located in Frisco, TX. 

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