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    Why Computer Education Is Important

    Last updated 3 days ago

    It goes without saying that technology plays an integral role in daily life in modern times. Many education advocates caution parents against letting their children spend too much time at computers because it does take away from outdoor play and other activities such as reading. However, when used as a means to complement a Montessori curriculum, children can find an appropriate balance between computing tasks and other activities. When children begin computer instruction early in their Montessori school, they become better prepared to succeed in the world.

    Global Awareness
    It’s understandable that children who have spent their whole lives in one particular area would have a questionable perception of other places in the world. With travel websites and virtual museums, children can “travel” around the world from the comfort of their Montessori classroom. They might explore magnificent rainforests, visit the Inca ruins of Peru, or examine life on a dairy farm.

    Creative Exploration
    Computer usage is one way in which children can express their creative spirits. Youngsters can experiment with coloring programs to create artistic pictures or they could use a word processor to write their own book of stories. They could even search online for new sheet music to practice in music class.

    Communication Enhancement
    Although becoming skillful and self-confident in face-to-face communication is essential for children, computers enable them to converse with those at a distance. By learning to use e-mail, they can easily stay in touch with grandparents across the country, for example. Or, they might use e-mail to participate in a pen pal program with students from another Montessori school.

    In the technology lab at Starwood Montessori of Frisco, our Montessori students learn to complement their core academic education with instruction in basic computer tasks. Our Montessori school strives for a balance between technological instruction and traditional hands-on learning activities. If you wish to request more information about enrolling your child in our Montessori school, you may reach us at (972) 464-2597.

    A Brief Primer on the Montessori Method

    Last updated 10 days ago

    Increasingly, many parents are becoming disillusioned with the typical teaching methods employed by public schools and are turning to Montessori schools to provide the best possible education for their children. In Montessori schools, children do not receive lectures from teachers. Rather, they work in small groups or individually on engaging learning activities. Children are able to work at their own pace in a self-directed manner that encourages their inquisitiveness.

    You can hear more about the basics of the Montessori Method by watching this video. You’ll hear interviews from the president of The Montessori Foundation, Montessori parents, and students. They describe the many benefits of this type of personalized education and explain the roots of the Montessori Method.

    Starwood Montessori, a private school in Frisco, looks forward to welcoming new students and parents into our community. If you’re considering a Montessori education for your child, we invite you to learn more about our school by calling (972) 464-2597.


    Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy This School Year

    Last updated 17 days ago

    A child’s immune system isn’t yet mature enough to readily resist germs. After children return to their private schools in the fall, parents are more likely to detect signs of the sniffles, thanks to the close proximity of the students. Fortunately, children are remarkably receptive to learning healthy habits. You can complement the practical life lessons in your child’s Montessori school by teaching him or her how to maintain cleanliness and reduce exposure to germs.

    Visit the Pediatrician
    If you haven’t already done so, consider taking your child to the pediatrician for an annual checkup. The pediatrician can screen your child for potential health issues, such as hearing or vision issues, and make sure his or her immunizations are up to date.

    Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Habits
    You can help your child strengthen his or her immune system with an overall healthy lifestyle. Encourage your child to develop good habits such as getting enough sleep each night, enjoying physical activity every day, and following a healthy meal plan.

    Reduce the Spread of Germs
    It’s a given that young children should be taught to wash their hands well after using the bathroom, before meals, and at other critical times. You can teach your child by demonstrating how to scrub soap between the fingers and around all other areas of the hands. Sing the “Happy Birthday” song with your child to demonstrate how long he or she should wash the hands. Additionally, remind your child to sneeze and cough into his or her elbow, rather than the hands. Sneezing into the hands readily spreads germs.

    Know When to Keep Your Child Home
    Since students at a Montessori school typically look forward to each day of learning, it can be difficult to tell your child that he or she must stay home because of an illness. However, keeping your child home when he or she is sick can facilitate the recovery and reduce the spread of germs to other students.

    At Starwood Montessori, a private school in Frisco, our Montessori students learn to care for themselves and their environment. Our Montessori teachers gently guide children toward reaching their full potential. If you have any questions about the Montessori Method and our admissions procedure, you can reach our Montessori school at (972) 464-2597.

    7 Ways a Montessori Education Can Help Your Child Succeed [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 23 days ago

    As a parent, there are few things more important to you than your child’s education. You have a choice of where to send your child to school, so it’s essential to understand what sets a Frisco Montessori school apart from other institutions. A Montessori education offers children the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals, rather than being part of a pack. Students are encouraged to become mindful, respectful citizens who are engaged and aware of themselves and the world around them. Montessori teachers give students the tools they need to explore and discover their own talents and abilities in a supportive, community-centered environment. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about how a Montessori education can help your child succeed in the classroom and beyond. Please share with your friends and fellow parents.

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    Spotlight on Our Creative Music Program

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Starwood Montessori offers an array of enrichment activities for our Montessori students, including music. Our music program teaches children to feel confidence in their own abilities and joy in the creative process. Our Montessori teachers have found that music instruction facilitates socio-emotional wellness for children. As children develop a love of music, they also experience growth in other areas of development. They refine their fine motor skills and develop pre-literacy skills such as pattern and rhythm recognition.

    Our private school encourages children to become introduced to a variety of musical mediums. Students participate in weekly music classes and some may choose to enroll in private lessons. Students have the opportunity to sing, including their own improvised songs. They may also learn to play various instruments such as the drums, tambourines, and bells.

    If you have any questions about the enrichment curriculum available at Starwood Montessori, you may reach a friendly representative by calling (972) 464-2597. Parents throughout the Frisco area can also visit our website to explore the benefits of a Montessori education.

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